Modern Art for Modern Spaces.


About Me


The Artists Background

Tracey has been painting for many years.  In younger years her focus was in figuartive pet portraits, mainly dogs and horses, this brought her numerous commissions, selling at home here in the UK and also in the United States of America.  Tracey also sold her work to the public through Live British Artists, a commercial gallery in Middlesex.

In more recent years Tracey has become involved in interior design and has developed her interest in Abstract Art.  This has led to commissions for a number of homes and commercial premises where it has been displayed, both as pieces of personal choice, but also in order to 'stage' properties for sale.  

Examples of her work in the different categories can be found on the gallery pages.   Some of the pieces are quite large and the sizes can accomodate any size of home, or commercial premise.

If you would like to discuss a commission or view some of the examples then please contact Tracey via the contact page.


The Artists Medium

Tracey uses many different mediums, such as oil, acrylics, pencils and pastels. However she also includes unusal and exciting methods utilising gold and silver leaf, foil and string. Tracey enjoys experimenting with textures and it helps bring her paintings to life

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact Tracey through the Contact Us page if you would like any further information or if you would like to commission your own bespoke piece of original art. Thank You.